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Update from the Androscoggin

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By Phoebe Backler
New Hampshire Outreach Coordinator

Northern Forest Explorers on Androscoggin River in New HampshireWith summer in full swing, the Androscoggin River Committee (ARC) River Runner Interns are busy greeting paddlers at popular access points on the northern Androscoggin River. Interns are tasked with sharing ARC’s River Code (guidelines for respectful use of the river) and collecting paddler demographic data.

Whitewater rafting on the Androscoggin RiverThe data will be compiled along with river user numbers provided by local rafting, fishing and canoe/kayak guides and Northern Forest Canoe Trail sign-in boxes. The resulting picture of river use, when compared with similar longitudinal data, will help ARC work with local land and business owners and town officials to better understand recreational trends and make long term management plans. Those plans will be targeted at increasing recreation-based tourism while protecting the character and ecological integrity of the river.

Wildflowers on the Androscoggin River, New HampshireThe Androscoggin River Committee is a network of local land and business owners, government agencies and non-profits dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire. NFCT has worked as a leading partner in the ARC network since 2010.

An intern’s first week on the Moose River Bow Loop

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Colin McIntosh


By Colin McIntosh
Intern, Bow Loop Crew



The 34-mile Moose River Bow Loop is a popular canoe trip in northwestern Maine. In partnership with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, the Northern Forest Canoe Trail is able to dedicate two interns this summer to surveying and maintaining the more than 20 campsites along the route. Colin McIntosh is a student at Allegheny College where he is studying Environmental Science and Global Health.   

This summer my crewmate Ryan and I are working on the Moose River Bow Loop, which consists of Holeb Pond, Attean Pond, a portage between the two ponds, and a section of the Moose River. This is the first year this internship position has been offered by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and we are working in conjunction with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands.

Moose River, Maine, Northern Forest Canoe Trail

We have been doing detailed campsite surveys along the Bow Loop, as well as maintenance at the sites. I was excited to be canoeing outside and was willing to do about anything to do just that. So far my time spent here has been quite rewarding, and the scenery and wildlife here is hard to beat. Read more

Help us remove Missisquoi River dam remains

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In 2006 the Northern Forest Canoe Trail received a photo from a paddler showing his kayak wedged against a remnant dam wall in the Missisquoi River in East Highgate, Vermont. The paddler had become pinned against the wall and then pulled through a hole beneath the surface of the water. East Highgate dam removal -kayak

With large cement walls that jut from river right and river left, it’s the right side remains that extend further into the river and hide the underwater hole. With reports of similar incidents that occurred prior to the establishment of the trail corridor, this location was made a top priority of our stewardship efforts on the Missisquoi River. Read more

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